What is Taurion?

Taurion is a fully decentralised, highly complex, true blockchain game.

As a genre it can be considered an MMORTS / MMORPG.

It has a fully player driven economy where players can: Mine, refine, research, build, upgrade, craft, strategise, ally, kill, steal, drive vehicles, explore, plan, earn, trade, transport, and much more.

What were the inspirations for Taurion?

Taurion takes inspiration from Eve Online, Dune 2, Huntercoin and Civilisation.

What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a decentralised database or ledger. It is secured by strong public key cryptography.

What is decentralisation, and why is it important?

Decentralisation is a form of democratisation. It is the distribution of power to all participants so that no central authority has all or most of the power. Decentralised systems preempt any abuse of power by a central authority. There are many more advantages to decentralisation and other reasons why it is important.

What blockchain does Taurion run on?

Taurion runs on the Xaya blockchain.

Do I truly own my in-game assets like in other blockchain games?

Taurion is fully decentralised and autonomous so it can never be shut down. Consequently, you will always be able to use your Taurion assets and they will always have at least that nominal value for being able to be used.

How do I get a crypto wallet for Taurion?

You can download the Xaya Electron wallet from the Xaya website on the download page here:


How do I get some CHI to play Taurion?

You can purchase CHI on an exchange. Liquid and Citex list CHI.

Liquid: https://app.liquid.com/exchange/CHIBTC

Citex: https://trade.citex.io/trade/CHI_BTC

Where can I download Taurion?

You can download Taurion from the Taurion website when it is available.

Can I get Taurion on Steam or a mobile app store?

No. Taurion is not yet available in those marketplaces. We plan to have Taurion available in them after launch.

Is Taurion open source?

Yes. You can get the source code for it in its GitHub repository here:


How is Taurion a cryptocurrency?

Because Taurion is a true blockchain game and satisfies the same requirements as other cryptocurrencies, Taurion and its in-game assets can be viewed as cryptocurrencies in themselves. You get the same kind of security and guarantees with a Taurion in-game asset as you do with other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Namecoin.

How can I mine Taurion?

There is no hardware mining in Taurion. You must use your human skill and intelligence to play the game in order to “mine” (gather or create) cryptographically secure assets. This is also called “Human Mining”.

I heard about play-2-earn and Human Mining. Can I make money playing Taurion?

It depends. The chances of you being able to make money while playing Taurion are proportional to how well Taurion does and how many people play it. Or, in other words, the larger the Taurion economy, the more potential for earning there is.

So, make sure to invite all your friends!

Will Taurion be botted like Huntercoin?

This is perfectly possible. However, we’ve designed Taurion so that botters have incentives to NOT ruin the game as they did in Huntercoin. It is to their financial advantage to ensure that the game is fun and attractive to many other players.

Is there a social element to Taurion?

Yes. In fact, this is probably one of the biggest elements of the game.

In order to succeed, you will need to work with other people in groups and alliances.

Taurion has built-in chat to help people come together and have fun playing together.

How much does it cost to play Taurion?

You can get a Taurion account with a few starter vehicles for free. In this case, you only need to pay Xaya blockchain transaction fees, which are very tiny. $0.01 USD would last you months.

However, you can also purchase vehicles. How much you wish to spend depends on you.

Further, when the markets are implemented in Taurion, you will be able to buy and sell everything in the game, so this will be another opportunity for you to either spend money, or make money.

I heard I can advertise in the game. How does that work?

Yes. Where most games serve up advertisements to make money, Taurion will allow YOU to serve up ads over top of your buildings so that you can make money.

However, you must first build or buy a building so that you have that ad inventory to sell.

What are the different units in the game?

There are 36 different types of vehicles and 25 different types of buildings.

I’m a 3rd party game utility developer. Do I need your permission to create utilities for Taurion?

No. Taurion, just like Xaya and Bitcoin, is permissionless. You do not need permission from anyone to play the game or to create utilities for it.

What are the Houses?

The Houses are 3 different factions in the game. When you play Taurion with a new Xaya name (your Taurion account), you must choose 1 of 3 Houses. They have different properties, strengths, and weaknesses.