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A Decentralised Autonomous World.

Player driven economy, decentralised and serverless game network, crypto-graphically secure and provably fair gameplay, all in 1 massive MMORPG that runs 100% on blockchain technology. A Cryptocurrency with Human Mining.

Choose from 3 houses to compete for land, resources and reputation in an alternate reality like no other… 







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XAYA Electrum Wallet Beta Release

XAYA Electrum Wallet Beta Release Includes Mobile Android WalletThe XAYA Electrum wallet is now available in beta form! Electrum (not to be confused with Electron) has been around for a long time and is widely considered one of the best and most secure wallets...

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Claim Your Taurion Prizes!

The Taurion competition has been a smash success! Lots of players got in there and won truckloads of prizes. As of this writing, out of the over 3,000 prizes only 4 prizes remain to be won.Now it’s time for all you winners out there to give us and our prize...

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Taurion Competition Adds Massive Prizes

Taurion: Competition Adds Massive Prizes If you’ve not already signed up for the Taurion Treasure Hunt competition, you really need to right now. There’s $13,000 in cold, hard CASH scattered around Taurion for you to find, but more than that, we’ve added a HUGE number...

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