Taurion tech demo

The following guide will help you get started with Taurion. 

NOTE: This is an incomplete pre-alpha tech demo. Many aspects of the game have not been implemented, e.g. you cannot build buildings yet or get vehicles beyond the initial scout vehicle. Keep this in mind as you play and experiment.

If you have an integrated or poor Graphics card (GPU), in the settings of Taurion you can put all settings to low and tick the box for integrated graphics, in the graphics tab menu., then restart the client.

Requirements: Currently Windows Only – Linux/Mac Coming Soon. Android Later.

Windows 7 64bit
Intel Core 2 Duo 3ghz / AMD Athlon II X4 640 3ghz
5GB HD Space (includes Blockchain)
2017+ Intel iGPU / AMD APU
Internet Connection

Windows 10 64Bit
Intel Core i5-4570 3.2GHz/ AMD FX 8350
8GB Ram
5GB HD Space (includes Blockchain)
nvidia 1060 / AMD RX570 Graphics cards
Internet Connection

Download XAYA Electron Wallet

Download the latest version of XAYA here:


Install and run it, then let it fully sync. The time to sync depends upon your computer’s performance although the new installer allows you to predownload the chain which should save a lot of time.

At first, it may not appear to sync because it is downloading block headers so give it some time. Once it begins downloading blocks you’ll see the green progress bar advancing (1). Once it has finished downloading, you’ll see the blocks to download is equal to the total blocks in the green progress bar (2).

Back Up, Get Address, & Get CHI

After it has sync’d, encrypt your vault wallet with a password. To do that, click ENCRYPT in overview with your vault wallet selected. DO NOT LOSE THIS PASSWORD. You should then back up your wallet and password. See here and here for how to do that.

Change to your game wallet using the drop down menu in the upper left (3 above).

Download & Run Taurion Pre-alpha Build




Download Taurion from this link and unzip to a folder:

Latest Version > https://xaya.io/downloads/Taurion_techdemo_Build_0.0.2.7.exe

To get some units:


  1. Click the + symbol beside your name (1)
  2. Use the slider (2) to decide how many units to create, they cost 1 chi each.
  3. Click the House symbol to create those units (4)
  4. Your vehicle units are added under your name (5). It will normally take 1 block before you can use them (about 30 seconds)


To move units:

  1. In the Units panel (1), press CTRL then double-click each unit that you wish to move. They will be highlighted with a darker background
  2. Use WASD to navigate the map and QE to rotate the camera
  3. Use the middle mouse button for free panning
  4. You can combine WASDQE with middle mouse panning
  5. Click on the map to set a waypoint to move to (2)
  6. Click the green >> button to move (3)
  7. Wait a moment for the move to be mined into the blockchain. In the meantime, your pending move is highlighted in purple
  8. Once mined, your units will begin to move. Their paths are indicated with green arrows

You can change movement options under Settings > Controls.


To view prospecting region, use the space bar to cycle through the flat, hex, and region views of the map.

To prospect:

  1. Select a unit
  2. In the Move panel, click the Radar button at the top. The prospecting region will be highlighted
  3. Click the green >> Move button to prospect on the current hex tile. The territory will be highlighted in purple while you are prospecting and the number of blocks left will be beside your unit’s icon in the Unit panel

NOTE: You will not find any prospected resources in any inventory. This had not yet been implemented in this pre-alpha tech demo.

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