Taurion is looking for testers again. And again you’ll be able to win some great prizes for helping out.

Just as with the previous competition, the next release adds in much more game mechanics and features for you to play (and test) in order to win great prizes from ourselves and our fantastic Prize Partners.

This is potentially the last competition (alpha test) before beta.


What new features have been added for you to test and play with?

Buildings will play a pivotal role. You’ll get points for building them, and you’ll need to use the various services they provide, e.g.:

  • Refining ore into usable materials
  • Repairing damaged vehicles
  • Reverse engineering artifacts
  • Constructing vehicles and vehicle upgrades
  • Changing vehicles
  • Fitting vehicles with more powerful weapons, shields, etc.

All buildings will have all services available except for the DEX which will come later.

We are aiming for a July release date for the Treasure Hunt.

We’ve made it easier to play!

One of the hardest parts of the previous Taurion competitions was the issues players of a non-technical nature had with running a wallet and a game.

This major obstacle we have rectified by providing a 1-click to play (or run) experience. Taurion now has a built-in wallet so there’s no need to worry about running a full node wallet like the Xaya Electron wallet. This makes Taurion simple and easy for people completely unfamiliar with blockchain.


The previous competitions had thousands of dollars in cash and blockchain prizes. This will continue.

We’re reaching out to other projects in the crypto community to become Prize Partners just as with our previous 2 competitions.

Cash prizes will be awarded for:

  • Top builders
  • Top crafters
  • Top killers
  • Top fame
  • Top miners
  • Top researchers
  • Top refiners

We are aiming for the event to begin in July, but make sure to stay tuned and monitor our Taurion Discord channel for more information as it becomes available.


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