The Taurion Treasure Hunt wouldn’t be what it is without the fantastic cooperation and participation of so many blockchain and gaming projects. The competition brings these various communities together and introduces people to new games and projects. This helps us all build towards a vision of the future where blockchain gaming is ubiquitous. Our sincere gratitude goes out to everyone who participates.

Get ready! It’s almost here! In a few short days on Tuesday August 25th and ends on Sunday October 9th, Taurion Treasure Hunt #3 begins!

There are thou$ands of dollars in cash prizes and even more blockchain and in-game assets waiting to be won from over 20 fantastic Prize Partners. Check the prizes here:

And there are tons of new features and items to explore. You’ll need them to win.

Many of the prizes can be found through prospecting and then taking them to the appropriate building, while other prizes are won through various accomplishments in the game, including PvP.

Xaya creative lead Andrew Colosimo goes over what’s new and explains different aspects of the new Taurion alpha in this video:

If you’ve not already signed up for your free starter pack, get it here:


Taurion: Graduation Day
Taurion: You’ll need a map!
Taurion: F*&% Jodons
Taurion: In the beginning…
Taurion: The Planets, The Signal, The Mission…
Taurion: The Ephrati
Taurion: The Reubos
Taurion: The Jodons

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