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The time is upon us for the launch of what will probably be the final Treasure Hunt before beta.

With this Alpha we hope to test the new features as listed on the right hand side of here:


Please remember that this is only an Alpha and not at all representative of the full game. The UI will be rebuilt and the map will be made much higher quality.

There are still many missing features before we’d call it a “game”, and without those it really is just a chaotic free for all to get prizes from our generous prize partners.

The most notable missing features before we think the mechanics are ready for it to be a real fun game are:

  • Skill Progression
  • Reputation System
  • Corporations / Alliances
  • Trading / Dex — Market Place in every Building
  • UI Overhaul

And some more, however the above are the most important. We hope to start implementing them into the backend (blockchain) after the Alpha.

We’d have liked more time to fix many of the numerous bugs and polish some more but we’ve delayed long enough. We’ll continue to update and fix these bugs whilst the event is running.

We hope you’ll see through the cosmetic exterior and see the true potential of what Taurion has to offer in the coming months.

We believe Taurion is the most advanced/complex decentralised game ever built and demonstrates just a glimpse of what is possible with blockchain technology.

Bug Bounties

There are lots of prizes to find and win in Taurion for helping test the new features, however we want to help incentivize pointing bugs out as well.

Please post all bugs in the Taurion Bug Channel. We’ll add these to the bug tracker along with your discord name and pay out 5 CHI per bug (if you are the first to report it).

Typos may get just 1 CHI.

Help a Noob

Taurion is not a simple game to play and although we have some docs to help people, it’s always the case that people will ask in the chat.

If we spot people really trying to help other people genuinely, we’ll tip them up to 10 CHI at a time.

So please help them out. Helping also includes giving other players crafting vehicles and upgrades (you can drop them on the floor for them to pick up).

We’ll also give random bounties to people who make videos and tutorial videos with good info and impact.


Download the game here:


Download | Taurion

If you have any questions please ask for help in Discord or, if you get that far, in the game’s chat itself.


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