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A Decentralised Autonomous World.

Player driven economy, decentralised and serverless game network, crypto-graphically secure and provably fair gameplay, all in 1 massive MMORPG that runs 100% on blockchain technology. A Cryptocurrency with Human Mining.

Choose from 3 houses to compete for land, resources and reputation in an alternate reality like no other… 







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Taurion: F*&% Jodons

Fuck Jodons. Really. I mean it. I hate them. Lionis is the fiery 8th plane of Hell and Jodies are the demons that infest the place. Still, it’s rather sad how they got stuck with being sent there. The place is a hellhole of a planet. I’m glad I live here and not on...

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Taurion: You’ll need a map!

The planet Taurion is a desolate place with a thick unbreathable (for humans) atmosphere that is dense with strong winds, deadly sandstorms, and limits flying machines. Sand, rock, and dunes dominate the surface. Resources Beneath the surface, an abundance of...

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Taurion: Graduation Day

The auditorium fell silent as Minister of Space Exploration Jethus Issac stepped onto the stage and up to the podium for the keynote speech on graduation day. Recent news about Taurion and who would be selected for the first expeditions there hyped up the excitement....

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